Sunday, January 10, 2010


The legend of an unbound people
is that which defines chaos.
That outside of law and peer pressure,
man is animal
some dark, violent rapist
untamed & uncontrolled.

It's an often neglected truism
that our deepest capacity
and our first instinct
is to love and protect.

Where we find the simplest people,
in the jungles of Africa
to the cafes of Broadway
There is the deepest catharsis.

Where there is survival & plenty
a community thrives.
Where there is friendship
there is honesty and release.

and all the nightmares man has made
are popularly justified
as protections of homeland and family.

To be together,
is the way it's always been,
since we left the trees
and huddled for warmth in damp caves,
inventing music by humming softly to each others pulse,
to bring comfort from the mindless indifference
that enveloped us in the primitive world.
are those who still play in harmony,
the last strings of an aging harp?

As it is above, so it is below
like a surprised cat, thrust out a third story window
the universe is naturally pulled to balance.

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  1. Ian-

    this is beautiful! i'm inspired to start my own poetry blog as I venture through creative writing these next several years...

    - Lucy