Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hymn of Devotion to an Unknown God

May I lay my guns in the ground
so that they may not menace by my hands.

May I lay my eyes on young beauty
and ask nothing but its thoughts, and peace of mind.

May I lay alone
and drink the pleasure of solitude.

May I lay with another
and forgive my expectations.

May I know confidence
who's true face is silence

May I know strength
who's true power is letting go.

May I know love
compassion without prejudice.

May I feel pain
suffering without malice.

May I give
without anticipation for return.

May I receive
without the weight of obligation.

May I forget
past and future,
to invite life's lasting present.

May my spirit be free
to abandon passions
and practice the ecstatic dance
of a leaf carried by the stream.

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