Sunday, January 10, 2010


"Well, you see..."
Said the the father,
dutifully pulling his son across the yard
in a little red radio flyer.

"We came from a long line of proud Catholics,
my father was a Catholic,
and your great grandad played organ
every Sunday service.
It's just what we believe,
that's all."

He looked back at his son,
and offered him a reassuring nod.

The child asked.
" When grandpa was a boy,
did the nuns used to hit him?"

The father slowed his walk
and considered his answer.

"Well yes son, I suppose they did."
Stopping now, but not turning around.

"But why would his teachers be so mean?
My teacher seems nice,
I'll bet she never hurt anybody."

The father shifted
"Those were different times,
when grandpa was a boy,
schools thought is taught you something.
We've learned so much since then.
The world is a new place now,
now that we know better."

The boy looked up admiringly and said,
"I'm glad."

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