Thursday, January 14, 2010

Probability Waves

There is a myth of assumption,
buried in the murk of our
nebulous reptile brain,
for the complete collapse.
Fear that as
Our Great Race
is coming together
we are also falling apart.

as we stand
contemplating the precipice of some new and deeper dark age,
that all the living world,
and the
definitively adaptive wealth of nature
mother of first mind,
will join us,
dragged dutifully into the void.

To me it seems
that to the temple of emerging science,
Worker of Many Miracles
many sometimes tithe a deeper,
instinctive truth.

Without eyes to see the stars,
and thought to give them radiance,
what is the speed of a photon?

Without a pupil,
does the object know relevance,
or even form?

To ride a wave of probability,
impossible without a surfer!

Consider the child,
who upon fully awakening in a dream,
must figure out how to break to her family
that she has become
a Multidimensional Color
who only responds to sound.
Will mother give such soft praise to this
new ubiquitous consciousness?

And while your being may ascribe to this,
and your perception freely conforms to it,
you still think
the very chalk from which you are drawn
can be erased by your own hand.

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