Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Syllabus

Before we get started, I just want to find out a few things about you.

*Please raise your hand if you identify with any of the following statements;*

It has become a pathological need to maintain my emotional distance.

If I let somebody in my head, they could shatter my self image.

I smother once ephemeral discomfort with an unpersonable indifference,
and to anyone content to show solidarity, they are met with supreme defiance.

It has become sadly apparent that facets of my personality are an effigy,
a complex construction to disguise my sneaking insecurities
encouraged by a society that dictates my impurities
and teaches me the key to success and happiness is a good hustle.

I have a fear of disappointment and staggering self doubt,
others propensity to let me down
and my own lingering demon that I am not good enough
never was,
not for anything,
haunted by this omni-present ghost of reciprocating loathing
that was gifted to me by people who ended up living their nightmares instead of their dreams.

*Do you see any hands in the air?*

One more question before we get started.

Is it any wonder we live in a sea of emotional cripples,
who have felt deeply alone since being ripped from the nipples of their mothers,
taught to be vicious and suspicious of one another
to put on false faces to obtain emotional objectives
and put advancement of themselves above the well being of their neighbors?

Can I Have Your Attention for a Moment?

*Please, repeat the following*

Well fuck that.

I understand that my ability to understand is the key to tranquility.
When exiting the train to perdition
you can bring no emotional baggage.

I exist only in the context of this place and time,
I am a spirit and a body only related briefly

*Please, everyone look at the person next to you, smile at them and tell them your name*

Its OK to let people in, because they only want the same,
and if they choose to hurt you, release the pain,
because time gives no thought to releasing you.

*Here is your new mantra*

Dammit, shake hands and say hi.

Now that the formalities are over, the real lesson begins.

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